Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rose Against the Moon

Well for our first little bit of content I decided to discuss some material that was on hand. One of our very own Nathan Baker's comics. It's called Rose Against the Moon aaaand here is a brief blurb:

"Hidden in the shadows of a lie
A world exists that flows through the surface of all that is
Hidden there among the refuse is Primal Perfection
A Rose bud that grows hard against the brashness of the world
Ferocious instincts captivate an audience of silent watchers
Slowly, the universe spins down to entice those who prey on fear

The night drawing them into full fits.
Rage and passion dance to the beat of greed
Men keep secrets submissive to what may befall them

Only one keeps her eyes on the thoughts of those sheep that lay beneath her
A maiden lost in time
A monster fused in flesh with the perfect back light
Rose against the Moon"

       So the first thing you are really going to notice about this comic is the layout and overall style. It's pretty atypical for a comic. It's laid out almost as just an illustrated story and "it was designed to look like sort of a gothic, fairytale book," says the man.

In fact, Nathan was even approached at this years comic con and was asked by a curious father if he would consider it a "story you can read before bed" to his children. To which the answer is... but of course.

In all seriousness though it's a dark, mature story so although I would probably read it to my unfortunate future children,  it's probably not for most peoples kiddies.

The art was done by artist and friend/mentor/collaborator Shawti Therrien. Nathan has collaborated with her before on "Static Lullaby" a comic which shares the unique layout style of "Rose". The art style really compliments the overall atmosphere of the comic. It gives off the feel of exactly what the set out to do in creating a "gothic fairytale".

Definitely check out this comic guys. Highly recommend it to anyone who reads a lot of prose narratives and would like to ease into comics or just an avid comic fan looking to experience an original style.

You can check out the comic here:

If you like Nathan's work he really likes compliments. Gives him a real self esteem boost. Which is exactly what a small penguin-man needs in his life.


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