Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Sendol Art Studio is based out of Chengdu China. The art team focuses a lot on 2D art, Comics/Graphic Novels, concept art, games, and even film. Founded in June of 2008 by William Hung, expanded in January of 2011 to the overseas market. This staff of over twenty professional and passionate artists are just out their waiting to expand the comic book industry into one available to the world. .

As some of you may know the comic industry in China isn’t the best. However, something you will find in China is a genuine pool of talent and energy looking to make it in this industry. Sometimes they just need to find a means to break through the wall that they currently face.

Part of the goal in mind for Agromania is making something lasting for the future. Our true hope is to bring ideals and creations to life and to connect the talents that synch up just perfect, and we’ve got something in mind in that regard. You’ll have to stay tuned in however to learn more. Progress some times takes it’s time. Just know no matter where you are or what you’re doing there’s a few guys out there trying to make it work.

Find them online here; http://william19.deviantart.com/
and also here;  http://www.facebook.com/sendolarts

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