Monday, February 11, 2013

ORDER review

ORDER is brought to you by RockBottom Studios and hosted on Truthful Comics, an opening tale of a coming satanic apocalypse. This web mini series gives a look into a world where all of the conspiracies and secrets of society are in fact spout from the lips of the King of Serpents himself. A cosmic event that tramples through lives and spins a universe into a dark and desolate future. The web comic series ORDER carries an interesting take on the apocalyptic prelude of 2012. A subject that in genre isn’t always accepted with open arms. I do however enjoy the approach taken by Corey Davis, I like his style, his voice. Some of the dialogue could be tweaked, but his anatomy fits his fantasy spin and is a quick read. Surely a mere opening of curtains to a grander arena.

Set to debut in February 2013,  Shadow Club Karma will rock the shelves as the first collaboration of Rocbottom Studios and Truthful Comics talents. Be sure to keep an eye out for it’s budding debut, and stay tuned for more from Truthful Comic Studios as we will undoubtedly have more to share!

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